My First Class


This is a very proud moment for me. Serving the people has been in my bucket list forever. I’ve tried charity work but it kinda weighs on me but I think I “found the one”. I found the best way to serve without strain while still having fun at it. 


Three Months down the line, my students (allow me to call them the gang) have learnt sewing from nothing (by this I mean zero knowledge of operating sewing machines) to a whole wearable garment. 


We started with the easiest; skirt, then bodice and voila, a dress.

Yes, we’ve only graduated with the dress making. This token of appreciation is to show you every step is a milestone. We shall do the same after learning trousers and shorts, shirts and blouses, jackets and coats. 


Keep the fire burning.

I’m pretty proud of the gang that made it to the end of the finish line. We started off at 62 learners but finished off at 25. Most dropped out in the middle of the race while others didn’t bother to come after doing registration.

Those who didn’t finish the race, am not angry, I’m a drop out too. I understand your reasons, may you find your passion my little butterflies, spread your wings and fly.

Serving all types of people in my community meant that the gang included all types of personalities, responsibilities and

·        Some gave up too fast, after the mathematics came in.

·        Some got weighed down by work/life balance, or rather imbalance. Responsibilities back at home, and others at work, pulled them back from studies.

·        Some I’ve never heard their reason. They tested the waters but decided not to swim.

Although it would have been amazing to get to the finish line with the whole gang, I know it’s close to impossible.


From me: Teacher Muni.

To you: My dear esteemed students.

Thank you so much for making me proud. All attendees of the graduation ceremony were pleased with my work or rather our work.

The journey hasn’t been as rocky because passion and love have lubricated the pathways making this a fun slide (fun ride).

I look forward to seeing you succeed in the fashion industry because YOU CAN.