I’ve never dreamt to be a teacher but here we are.

It’s been two weeks now.

The going is great if I do say so myself.

In a previous blog I mentioned that one of the aims of Muni Designs as a brand is to create employment as we believe that EMPLOYING is EMPOWERING

Though not directly, me sharing a skill with a bunch of people who really need it is a way of empowering as they will employ themselves later after acquiring the skills I’m transferring to them.

What am I teaching?


What I have learnt over the years of trying to manoeuvre through the world of design. The short cuts and “how to easily” learn designing, sewing and also jewelry making.


All About The Programme.

The programme that allowed me to create such great impact in my community is a Youth Empowerment programme in my local area funded by an incoming political aspirant.

It’s a free programme so anyone can come to the class provided they have the strong will to attend two classes a week, one and a half hours each.

My Students.

I have students with a cocktail of personalities. Some learn fast and some learn really slow. Some learn fast and forget easily . Some want to skip to the good part without learning how to prepare for it.

There is so much inclusivity in the programme such that everyone and I mean Everyone is allowed to attend as a student .

I have students who are single mothers trying to acquire a skill and better their lives and those of their kid/kids, some are housewives married off at an early age, some are 30-40 years old denied education earlier in life for
education was for boys only”. My mama mboga (green groceries vendor) is part of the programme too, she had always wished to acquire a second skill and voila, now she can. Some of my students are young girls looking to join college and have a degree someday but until that time comes they spent their time with me 'mwalimu’. Am so proud of them for there could be a dozen things they could be doing, you know an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.


One of my students, the only male in all my 7 classes, comes with his mom too.
But not in the same class (*laughing) alikataa. I initially placed them in the same class but soft complains came and I had to separate the two. He’s soft spoken, young and very curious. His mom on the other hand is a very fast learner.

Most of my students are mothers and some come to class with their kids. One kid moves around the workshop too much which could be hazardous to her health due to the many sharp objects laying around. I had to ask her mom to try and leave her with a baby sitter or a friend because the repercussion could be bad. Another kid is 3 months old .

This whole experience has proven to me how everyone is built different so I’m trying hard to treat everyone differently as their learning muscles are not the same. I’m also learning patience and persistence as I have to repeat one thing severally to get it stuck in someone’s head .


In my 2022 bucket list I have “gain more confidence” in line. This experience is teaching alot of that and I am grateful.

I shall continue updating more about my experience as a non-trained nor experienced teacher.

Thank you for reached the end of this blog. Be blessed.