MY FIRST Fashionable Tears


Fashionable Tears

We all have a FIRST everything in our career and we seem to value the first out of every experience more.

So this was my first fashion show EVER. It was scheduled for 13th February 2021, a day before Valentines, two days from now it’ll be exactly a year. 

The location was amazing an open park in a quiet neighbourhood, right off the road and near my home.

The theme was beautiful: Food Meets Fashion love edition, fancy and a perfect Valentine’s package.

My first time interacting with this tall, well dressed ,beautiful and put together people (they are called models but let me put some drama in it) on a professional, one on one level. We went to see the location of the show, planned how the stage would be set , I took the models body measurements and even pointed out where our cocktail bar would be set up. 

I had a week to work on the remaining items in my collection, a collection of over 15 garments with barely anything complete so guess what? I spent nights working only sleeping two hours in twenty four. Eye bugs were..... I’m lost for words. Working extra hard to ace my first runway. My mother printed out t-shirts with my brand logo on them for every family member (extended family) who could avail themselves.  

Muni Designs CEO

Ooh wait did I forget to mention that my mom invited almost everyone she knew, Oops sorry. She did. Duuuuh! It’s her daughter’s first runway. 

Being my first show I had to show off my marketing skills. I posted and reposted on all my social media platforms. 

I was so ready.

My collection was beautiful and fresh. I incorporated avant-garde, cultural and accessible looks.  My clothes just needed some final touch up and ironing

But why the tears:

Now it’s 11th February 2021 and I’m touching up my collection full of life then later in the day hold a meeting with the organisers at the location, do fittings with the models and a dry run to test out the runway

Tears of joy would be a perfect mixture of moisture and emotion but the event organiser posts something on her WhatsApp status “SORRY GUYS, EVENT CANCELLED” with a sad emoji accompaniment. 

Worse she doesn’t pick calls nor reply to messages. I understood how broken she must have been, a young ambitious designer dreaming big but a ticketing company cancels their sponsorship to the event due to a low ticket purchase.


Muni Designs Fashion Poster

We even had Adut Aketch on our poster. This experience broke my heart and I broke down in my work shop. At first I was in disbelief. Then I just hoped they’d change their mind but mostly I was in tears. I told my family after calming down and as the loving kind they are they gave me a shoulder.

Luckily a few weeks later I participated in my now FIRST show which also got me to tears. I’ll narrate this in another blog. This is one of the outfits from my “NEVER SEEN” collection. 

Muni Designs Happy Client

Thank you for getting to the end of this blog. Stay tuned for more of my experiences in my fashion career.

I love you.