WHY? Our WHY Power



We all want a place to call home in the economic world right? Am joking (wink)

Muni Designs has gradually grown and found its purpose along the way. Our biggest WHY is to revolutionize African fashion, the culture and creativity all in one plate.

We aim to help people maintain and develop a unique and personal image. What better way to learn people’s styles and be connected to them on a deeper level than dressing them?

Muni is not only a fashion brand, it has also been a topnotch school where we get assignments (orders) and our weekly blogs. We’ve learnt the how’s and what’s of the game improving on quality thus helping to seal the company’s popularity and STAY POWER.

Muni Class Session

Despite our corrupted regional and country’s economic status, we aim to create employment and that will be our biggest win. From models, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, store monitors to accountants and creative content creators. We believe that EMPLOYING is EMPOWERING. 

This not only enhances our personal development as a company but also benefits our country’s economic health. 

Muni Models in Subway

Our FASHION RECYCLING program that includes redesigning and reusing used garments has a goal of reducing apparel pollution by whatever small percentage. We understand that fashion products are the number two polluters on a global scale. We aim to contribute in the reduction of apparel waste.

Redesigning Before and After

I also have a selfish reason for creating the brand as it is my safe space where I get to challenge and express myself.


Photo Credit: B2C Graphics

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We love you.