WHEN… The Creation Story


When was Muni Designs founded, and when my love for fashion started.


Muni designs was founded in 2020 during the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, but had been a dream in the making since 2017 when I joined campus to pursue Fashion Design and textile Technology .

Coming up with the name was the biggest struggle , my first option for a name was ‘Nohr’ .

Growing up I didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to become until my 11th year (form 3) after I changed school. My new home science teacher, Mrs. Njuguna, had her style speaking to us about who she was without even having to say a word. 

She stood out and she looked so confident so I’d study her from a distance. She wore monochromatic colors and would style them with their shades and tints to make a killer outfit . She was in either her late 40s or early 50s. She made me love home science specifically garment construction since I had a deep curiosity and urge to understand how clothes can create illusions and actually give you a certain feeling when wearing them.

Another memory I have is concentrating on the change and difference in clothing amongst characters in movies. Their different clothing would express a mood, their social class, the era they are in, the country , their religion/beliefs , career or even climatic condition. This always interested me as I would note a change in dress code in an actor through different movies and understand how it expressed the different characters. (Saying this loud makes me sound like a fashion nerd)

Muni Designs Logo

I’m probably snitching on myself with this third one . Another memory (fashionable memory) I have is playing dress up when I was alone in the house. I’d combine different clothes to make very bomb outfits . I’d wear my
moms coats and my sisters short dresses, sometimes even my brothers denim jackets and every outfit I put together was something I knew I’d love to wear someday out in the open rather than alone in a mirror (by now I have ).

With time and age I came to realise that how I’ve dressed would influence strong emotions like confidence and self esteem . How I walk and talk in a ball gown is not how I’ll walk and talk in sweatpants and hoodies.

In 2019 I made the bold decision to continue my studies but with a private tutor who was a retired fashion lecturer in a rural area in Kisii Nyanza. But no sooner than later covid19 came in 2020 and schools were closed but I continued attending my private tuition but with caution until the cases became serious and the scares rose.

Now I’m in a strange land , there’s a world wide pandemic and lock down, minimal sewing skills, a machine in my room and a million teachers on YouTube . I decided to be a full time YouTube student which was quite
affordable and enjoyable . I made my first dress then the second and the third, soon I had a collection . Then I made a shirt and a short and a trouser and soon I knew the tricks . Then I sew masks for me and my family and got orders from retailers to stock their shops, now am making coins. Fast forward to 2021 I did my first 8 fashion shows (to be covered in a later blog)

Slowing and surely Muni designs became a brand . Manifested from childhood and actualize in my youth . To God am grateful.

“Be an intentional mover”
-  Muni

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We Love You.